Chiropractic News

Chiropractic News

Spring and Summer Season Injuries and Conditions

By Adam Jellison

Are you someone who tends to be more active when the weather gets warmer?  Well, you’re not alone, especially after the winter that we’ve had here in the Mid-Atlantic.  And between the summer time sports mishaps and the sandals snafus, this heavily anticipated change in weather is the time when we tend to see large increases in orthopedic injuries.

The majority of individuals attempt to go from being completely sedentary over the winter months to no holds barred, full throttle spring and summer activities.  This trend has all the makings of accident or injury.

Spring and summer season injuries and conditions can arise from an array of different traumas or repetitive activities.  List below are several examples:

  • Ankle sprain and knee tendonitis or cartilage/meniscus injury due multiple reasons, from twisting the foot or leg, falling, sports injuries and even wearing unstable footwear such as flip-flops or clogs.
  • Plantar fasciitis and stress fractures of the foot from high-impact activities like jumping, track, basketball, etc;  all while wearing improper and/or unsupportive footwear.
  • Golfer’s and tennis elbow, which are repetitive-stressor based activities.
  • Shoulder tendinopathy due to overuse while completing household activities such as gardening, mulching, painting, digging, hammering, etc.
  • Wrist, arm and shoulder fractures from various falls.

If you or your loved ones do end up taking a fall or experiencing pain after a warm weather activity, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Immediately stop the provoking activity, and do not attempt to play or work through the pain.
  2. Follow protocols consistent with the pneumonic PRICE – “protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation.”
  3. If 36-48 hours pass and the pain has not improved, schedule a visit to see a physician.

There are several specific warning signs that are good indicators that you may need immediate care – obvious deformity, joint instability, decreased range of motion and persistent joint swelling.

With all of this in mind, hop off of the couch and start enjoying this nice weather.  It is long overdue!

PSSM sponsors Shady Brook Farm’s *Holiday Light Show*, a Bucks County tradition

By PPSM Staff

PSSM has partnered up with Shady Brook Farm as a Top Sponsor for their annual Holiday Light Show, Bucks County’s most anticipated community event of the year!

annual Holiday Light Show

Experience the magic of millions of lights illuminating acres of farmland at the Shady Brook Farm 2013 Holiday Light Show!”

This event makes a wonderful holiday tradition for families and friends. There are incredible new displays this year, including the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’….and our very own PSSM customized light display!!

Our PSSM light display is located upfront by the ticket booth entrance. You can’t miss it, at 18′ high by 60′ wide – also seen from highway I-95! We couldn’t be more thrilled of our awesome display and, of course, our partnership with Shady Brook Farm!

Our display design pays homage to a keyword at PSSM; Performance. Its aesthetic correlates to our 3 significant graphic rings shown on the PSSM logo – our performance rings of service & achievement, acknowledging the state-of-the-art non-surgical multidisciplinary platform we offer. Our logo is lit with the animation of a flaming torch, representing PSSM’s promise to serve, treat & help heal our patients. “Our Patients Results are our Goals”.

New Sponsors of the Holiday Light Show

Here is an excerpt from the Bucks County Courier Times special edition Holiday Guide, handed to all who attend the light show:  New Sponsors of the Holiday Light Show, by correspondent Sandi Pachuta:

Percy Naranjo, Chief Executive Officer of Performance Spine & Sports Medicine, said he is excited that his medical practice is a new light display sponsor for Shady Brook Farm this year.  Naranjo’s practice is one block down the road from the farm, and he is pleased they are neighbors.  “We are in step with Shady Brook and how they interact with the community,” said Naranjo.

“We are so glad Shady Brook is having us as a sponsor for the community-oriented event of the light show; Shady Brook Farm provides a great environment for the family all year long,” said Naranjo.

Naranjo has been taking his children, now ages 5 and 7 years, to the light show ever since they were babies. “The light show is awesome, and we have been attending the show ever since we moved to the area six years ago,” said Naranjo. 

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine ( is slated to open its third location in Bordentown, NJ, in December.  The practice began in 2009 in Lawrenceville NJ, followed by the Newtown location in 2011.”

After visiting the light display show, we encourage everyone to enjoy all that the farm has to offer, including the market for their selection of nutritious fruits and nuts for added holiday health!  PSSM brochures are available all year long in the Farm Market and Garden Center, also handed out together with the Holiday Guide on special evenings during the light show event.  Spread the word; PSSM is at your service.

The Holiday Light Show is on display now through January 5, 2014 from dusk to 10PM.  Visit for prices.

Shady Brook Farm is celebrating 100 years in business and we couldn’t be more proud to be associated with this farm’s iconic heritage, commitment and service to Bucks County.  Enjoy some holiday light show magic ~ Doctors orders.  😉

Happy Holidays from PSSM!

How To Train with an Injury

By PPSM Staff

Train with an InjuryPSSM-Carrie-Dudley,-AT

Make time to workout this Holiday Season…despite your injury!

That’s right!  You CAN maintain fitness while injured.  There are ways to continue with your exercise regime – properly, safely & effectively.  Learn how!

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is a proud partner of Gold’s Gym “Extra, Extra” Wellness Series ~ designed just for you.  Join us for this FREE lecture:

THURSDAY  •  NOVEMBER 14  •  6PM  •  Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville, Mind & Body Room

Learn ALL About How to Train with an Injury:

• Learn about the 3 stages of injury:  1–Initial, 2–Recovery, 3–Functional / RTP
• Learn how to overcome mental challenges that can occur with an injury.
• Learn how to avoid getting injured.
• Get health tips on how eating right can help you heal…& more!

Get expert advice from Assistant Director of Sports Performance & Athletic Trainer Carrie Dudley, M.S., AT.  You don’t have to have an injury to attend – Everyone can benefit from this insightful lecture.  Q&A to follow.  All are welcome!

Empower Your Mind  –&-  Get Back to Health.   ‘See you  next Thursday!

Back to Health with Nutritional Wellness

By PPSM Staff

Back to Health

Are you struggling through your day with low energy?  Are you too stressed to make healthy balanced meals for you & your family?  Are you feeling frustrated you aren’t reaching your health & wellness goals?  Have diets failed you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you need Nutritional Intervention!

Imagine feeling renewed & energized everyday! This is possible – PSSM can help!

Discover Nutritional Wellness with PSSM.

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is a proud partner of Gold’s Gym “Extra, Extra” Wellness Series ~ designed just for you!

Join us for this FREE lecture:

THURSDAY    SEPTEMBER 26    6PM    Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville, Mind & Body Room

Learn ALL About Nutritional Wellness:

• Creating habits for long term weight loss
• Nutritional considerations for pain & inflammation
• How food sensitivities can hinder optimal health
• Decoding popular diets…. Calorie counting (when, why, how) & more!

Get expert advice from Chiropractic Physicians Susann Clothier, D.C. & Michael Dougherty.  Everyone can benefit from this important health topic.  Bring a friend!

Empower Your Mind  –&-  Get Back to Health.   ‘See you  Thursday!

PSSM Susann Clothier, D.C.PSSM-Michael-Dougherty,-D.C

PSSM August Fitness Challenge

By PPSM Staff

PSSM_Fitness Challenge_FLYER

PSSM_Fitness Challenge Calendar

Make August AWESOME with PSSM!


We’re holding our first Staff FITNESS CHALLENGE for the month of August!  We are encouraging staff to take their workout to the next level with exercises that will challenge the mind & body.  Check out our calendar above!  Do you think YOU think you have what it takes?  Tell us! – Log onto our Facebook page:

Team PSSM Needs YOU:  We believe in teamwork – Help your ‘favorite’ PSSM contestant earn PSSM ‘star points’ for the big Win!  You can help by simply “liking” any post they make onto our Facebook page about this Challenge.  Contestants earn ‘stars’ for every online engagement they make AND every daily exercise they complete!  Be a *STAR* & “root, root, root” for Team PSSM.  Join the FUN!!  We appreciate you!

We’s like to extend this contest to our Patients & Friends for our next challenge….with a grand prize!  Will you commit to get fit?  Everyone can benefit from daily exercise for a healthy body & mind.  Stay tuned for our contest.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates & motivation to keep you inspired.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer in good health.

“Extra, Extra!” — Got Sciatica?

By PPSM Staff

sciatic_pain_new‘Got Sciatica?  Sciatica is among the most common causes of low back pain that affects millions of Americans each year.  Without the proper treatment, it can quickly worsen. Our team of Chiropractic Physicians & Physical Therapists will help!

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is a proud partner of Gold’s Gym “Extra, Extra” wellness series ~ designed just for you!  Join us for this FREE lecture:

Thursday  •  July 11  •  6PM  •  Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville, Mind & Body Room

Learn About Sciatica:

• What does “Sciatica” really mean?
• Who is at risk for developing Sciatica?
• What are common causes, signs & symptoms of sciatic pain?
• How can chiropractic & physical therapy help in the treatment of Sciatica?

Learn MORE:  Get expert advice from Susann Clothier, D.C. (Chiropractic Physician) &  Our experts will answer your questions about Sciatica & speak about non-surgical treatment options immediately available.  Everyone can benefit from this important health topic.

Empower your mind & learn how to eliminate your pain.  ‘See you next Thursday!

PSSM Susann Clothier, D.C.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Care

By PPSM Staff

Neck & Shoulder pain

“Oh, My Aching Neck!”

Do you suffer from Neck or Shoulder pain?  Look no further!  Your solution to the best non-surgical approach in diagnosis & management is here!

Empower Yourself. Eliminate Your Pain!

Learn about:

• Differentiating between Neck & Shoulder pain
• Diagnostic Imaging:  What test do/don’t I need
• Therapeutic Injections for the shoulder  / Therapeutic Exercise
• Nutritional Strategies for pain & inflammation


Learn more!  MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Gold’s Gym of Lawrenceville, NJ, is proud to host some of Performance Spine & Sports Medicine’s healthcare seminars, designed for you! Make PSSM at Gold’s Gym your FREE access to expert advice. Dr. Michael Dougherty


Dr. Michael Dougherty, Chiropractic Physician at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine, will be presenting this informative seminar & is ready to answer your questions.  Save the date:

 DATE  >  THURSDAY, June 27
 TIME  >  6:00PM
 WHERE > GOLD’S GYM Lawrenceville

You deserve the best in health ~ ‘See you there!

NFL Draft 2013 News and Orthopedic Doctors Reveal the FAST (Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy) for Athletes!!

By PPSM Staff

NFL Pre- Draft Party at EVR Lounge in NYC with Performance Spine & Sports Medicine Doctors sponsor a party for NFL Draft Candidate, Xavier Rhodes  (click his name and hyperlink for his NFL profile).
Xavier Rhodes from Florida State, is a Corner Back and His Combine numbers are amazing…He runs a 40 yard dash in 4.43 seconds and can jump 40.5 inches vertically.

Doctors Reveal

new blog

On NFL Draft Day, Xavier Rhodes was drafted in the First Round at 25th overall and sent to the vikings and full report is available at


As with any sport, Athletes can be injured any time from nagging tendon, ligament or joint injuries.  Performance Spine & Sports Medicine (PSSM) introduce the FAST procedure which stands for (Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy) which is a minimally invasive procedure to repair ligaments and tendons of any joint.

The doctors at PSSM are one of the first physicians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to offer this cutting edge Procedure which takes minutes.  We first use ultrasound to visualize the injury.
ultrasound image
We then use a sophisticated probe to suction out the scar tissue (which is the black and dark gray areas in the ultrasound image and cause very TINY MICRO-TEARS in the tissues to STIMULATE REGROWTH and REGENERATION of tendon, muscles and ligaments!! This procedure can treat Shoulder Injuries like Rotator Cuff Tears, Knee injuries like patellar tendon injuries, and TENNIS or GOLFER’S ELBOW!

The procedure is done in minutes and patient requires minimal to NO stitching.  It is a same day procedure and the athlete or patient can start rehabilitation the next day (of course at the discretion of the doctor). At our clinic, we are seeing over 90% success rates  in terms of pain improvement and athletes can be completely healed within 2 – 4 weeks depending on the injury!

Below is a video of the procedure. We are publishing our first scientific abstract showing the effectiveness of the procedure which is coming soon!!

Video for ELBOW REPAIR!!