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Posts Tagged ‘Fitness in Lawrenceville NJ’

Stress Incontinence

By PPSM Staff

Stress Incontinence

Does Your Pelvic Floor Fail You when you Laugh, Sneeze, Run or Jump?                                  You are not alone!

Many women ages 25 – 50 suffer from Stress Incontinence.  Stress Incontinence is caused by weakening of the muscles that keep urine stored in the bladder.  Stress Incontinence can be prevented & treated with CONSERVATIVE treatment.                 Physical Therapy can help!

The following are signs that your bladder is not functioning properly:

• You cannot sit through a movie without having to pee.
• You have to get up at night to pee.
• You have a strong urge to pee, but void less than a coffee cup worth.
• You have to strain or have pain with urination.

Dr. Aisling Linehan

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