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Posts Tagged ‘multi-disciplinary practice langhorne’

Why a multi-disciplinary practice just makes sense! By, Mike Dougherty, DC

By PPSM Staff

Here are Performance Spine and Sports Medicine; we take an integrative approach to rehabilitation, health, and wellness. Our practice employs multiple specialists including medical physicians, doctors of physical therapy, chiropractic physicians, and athletic trainers. Our primary objective is to try and solve your musculoskeletal condition with conservative efforts, i.e. in lieu of drugs or costly surgery. We understand that every case is unique and realize that sometimes interventional procedures allow us to progress treatment.

The team approach is essential to successful treatment. Our physical therapy and chiropractic staff consult with the medical physicians to determine the route of treatment. Three sets of eyes are essentially better than one. Patients benefit from this because it allows all that intervene to be on the same page and have the same objectives in mind. After the separate evaluations take place, the team comes up with the rehab template, where changes can be implemented based on patient response and progress.

The majority of the rehabilitation occurs on a one on one basis. Exercise specialists, consisting of certified athletic trainers and others with exercise physiology backgrounds help make sure the corrective exercise program is implemented properly. There can be vast differences when it comes to exercise selection and equipment used in various clinics. We strive to provide the most up to date assessment and techniques available as well as top of the line rehab equipment to be sure that you stay challenged.

Another successful method to ensure long term health is to continue your exercise progression with our athletic trainers utilizing our return to sports performance platform. While the title implies that this is only related to sports, we encourage every patient to continue their care this way. At this state, the patient is generally pain free, but looking to make sure their foundation can be built upon.

Along the path to health, either during your rehabilitation efforts or in sports performance, we offer nutritional consultation and intervention. Using unique food sensitivity, micro-nutrient, and cardiovascular testing, we can determine where improvements can be made. Whether lifestyle changes or supplementation, this aspect of care allows us to treat the body from the inside out and ensures success.