The injection is an alternative to surgery.

Regenerative Treatments may prove to be the best alternative to surgery. If you are suffering from joint pain and are being recommended to have surgery, come to Performance Pain & Sports Medicine for expert, quality regenerative treatments and care.

Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy)

Prolotherapy is an injection procedure used to treat connective tissue injuries of the musculoskeletal system that have not healed by either rest or other nonsurgical therapies in order to relieve pain.

The Prolotherapy injected solution intentionally causes a controlled irritation in the injected tissue, which in turn causes natural healing to take place. This irritation is an inflammatory response, which increases the blood supply and stimulates the tissue to heal and regrow new tissue.

What are the Benefits of Prolotherapy?

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Short Procedure Time
  • Injections increase strength and thicken Ligaments and tendons
  • Simple Non-Surgical Procedure
  • High Success Rates

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