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What makes our approach to pain and sports medicine different?

We have doctors who specialize in orthopedic examination, treatment of the nerves, ligaments and muscles, rehab exercises and joint manipulation. We treat more than back and neck pain, we can treat pain from head to toe.

Do you work with my existing alternative practitioners?

Yes! If you would like for us to work with them we can coordinate care with other providers involved in your care. We welcome other viewpoints from other disciplines. We welcome referrals from allied medical providers or non-traditional practitioners as well, including naturopaths and more.

I have experienced an injury and would like to get an appointment at your facility. I don’t have all of my medical records, so should I wait until later to come to your office?

Your initial visit does not require all of your outside medical records. Specific outside medical records can provide us with valuable information regarding your condition, so if we don’t have pertinent records available we will ask you to complete a record request and release form so we can ask for those records. *Note: If you are a chronic pain patient currently being prescribed opiate pain medications, we do require all medical records prior to your scheduled appointment.

Do I need a referral to seek treatment from your practice?

Depending on your specific insurance plan, you may need a referral.

How do you determine a treatment plan?

The treatment plan is based on your injury or condition and its severity, as well as your individual needs.

Do you treat more than spine related problems?

Yes! We treat a variety of injuries from head to toe. Essentially, if it hurts, we likely have a treatment for it!



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