Back pain can occur due to many different reasons. When your pain is no longer temporary a different intervention may be necessary.

Before you consider back surgery come to Performance Pain & Sports Medicine for expert, quality treatment and care, where we exhaust conservative, non-surgical and minimally invasive spine treatments first..


ReActiv8 is just that, a device to reactivate your spinal muscles. Longstanding back pain can cause muscles to become weak and more painful. This becomes a viscous cycle. How can one fix the muscles if it hurts to do the exercises? Even after many rounds of physical therapy, it may be very difficult to strengthen the deep muscles of the spine, that support our posture and keep our back strong. ReActiv8 may be an option for longstanding back pain that is found to have muscle changes on imaging studies.

The goal of the ReActiv8 is for pain relief and to improve function. Reactiv8 is a functional neurostimulator that builds muscle over time. Imagine that? It is a device that allows the spinal muscles to become stronger! This revolutionary therapy can interrupt the vicious cycle that causes pain and dysfunction. This device is useful for patients that have back pain greater than leg pain and for those that have not had previous surgery. For two thirty-minute sessions a day, the strength of the deep muscles of the spine can be activated and strengthened. The sessions are fully controlled with a remote control and one can sit back, relax, and strengthen the back!

What are the Benefits of ReActiv8?

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Short Recovery
  • High Success Rate
  • Same day Procedure
  • Ease of use
  • Patient controlled therapy
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