Breakfast Should Never Be a Hunger Game

It doesn’t make sense that less food would equal more weight, but according to Dr. Michael Pismarov of Performance Spine and Sports Medicine, it’s true for people who skip breakfast.

“Those who skip breakfast often weigh more and are more likely to eat higher calorie snacks throughout the day to rid themselves of hunger,” Pismarov said.

He said for adults, skipping a meal here and there is okay if nutritional requirements are met throughout the day, but he said children should never skip as their brains and body need regular refueling.

However, what’s for breakfast is just as important as having it. He said convenience breakfasts can be counterproductive. Some foods, like smoothies can be very healthy if they are done the right way, but there is an ugly side to smoothies if they are prepared with high fat, high sugar items like chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter. He said these can significantly increase calorie count without adding to the nutritional value.

“Some restaurant smoothies can rival or exceed the calorie count of cheeseburgers,” said Pismarov.

Other options such as cereal, waffles and pancakes are also not ideal as they have a high glycemic index and will raise blood sugar levels causing an insulin response, according to Pismarov. “Cereal and protein bars can be just as tricky as smoothies. Although there are some that are healthy and okay to eat. The majority of the bars on the market are typically laden with excess sugars,” he said.

The ideal balance would be a healthy distribution of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. A meal such as oatmeal with almonds and blueberries could fit the bill.

There is one other breakfast item he recommends which might surprise people, coffee.

“Drinking coffee with breakfast is a great idea as it can improve energy levels and make you feel less tired,” according to Pismarov. “Coffee can also help fight depression and make you happier. In a typical western diet coffee may be your biggest source of antioxidants.”

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