EndoPAT – A Life Saver

Perhaps you noticed the recent events in sports. Gary Kubiak collapsed at halftime during the Texans recent game. Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot, passed out as he was being lowered to the court at the start of the game. These events certainly make me think of my own health. First and foremost, routine care with a primary care physician is vital. They will perform a health physical and routine lab work and EKG to check for metabolic and rhythm abnormalities. Advanced testing can also be performed, but will only be positive if structural abnormalities already exist.

If only a test existed to warn us of problems that may be looming. Well, here it is… it’s called EndoPAT. EndoPAT is a non-invasive diagnostic test that diagnoses endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is the EARLIEST marker of something going wrong with the vascular system. The endothelium is the largest organ in the body. It is the inner lining of all our arteries and veins. Long before a plaque forms that physically blocks or occludes the artery, functional abnormalities occur. With poor dietary and lifestyle choices, these functional abnormalities lead to stiffening of the blood vessels. This can now be tested for with EndoPAT in a non-invasive way! These changes are REVERSIBLE! So before you have a major event such as the ones seen over the weekend, get your functional test done and know your risk!

The test is offered at both our NJ and PA offices.

See this link to see a video on how the test works – www.itamar-medical.com/What_is_EndoPAT

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