“Extra, Extra!” — Got Sciatica?

Got Sciatica? Sciatica is among the most common causes of low back pain that affects millions of Americans each year. Without the proper treatment, it can quickly worsen. Our team of Chiropractic Physicians & Physical Therapists will help!

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is a proud partner of Gold’s Gym “Extra, Extra” wellness series ~ designed just for you! Join us for this FREE lecture:

Thursday • July 11 • 6PM • Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville, Mind & Body Room

Learn About Sciatica:

• What does “Sciatica” really mean?
• Who is at risk for developing Sciatica?
• What are common causes, signs & symptoms of sciatic pain?
• How can chiropractic & physical therapy help in the treatment of Sciatica?

Learn MORE: Get expert advice from Susann Clothier, D.C. (Chiropractic Physician) & Our experts will answer your questions about Sciatica & speak about non-surgical treatment options immediately available. Everyone can benefit from this important health topic.

Empower your mind & learn how to eliminate your pain. ‘See you next Thursday!

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