Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: Hope for patients with back pain AFTER BACK SURGERY in Lawrenceville NJ, Princeton NJ and Hamilton NJ


Have you had back surgery? Do you still have pain in your lower back or leg? You’re not alone! At Performance Spine & Sports Medicine we see many patients just like you. This is called failed back surgery syndrome and it is very real. The bad news: You’ve had surgery, so your spine anatomy is altered forever. The good news: There is treatment for this! We use the latest technologies to treat failed back surgery syndrome. We combine medical treatments with physical therapy and chiropractic care for optimal results. We even incorporate acupuncture into your treatment regimen!

A state of the art treatment for failed back surgery syndrome is “spinal cord stimulation” or “neuromodulation”. This technology allows you, the patient, total control over your pain! Imagine… a treatment without side effects… a treatment that works immediately and you have complete control over the dose and the administration! Forget about waiting for your pain pill to “kick in”. Forget about the side effects. Visit for more details about this amazing, cutting edge technology. Learn how neuromodulation can get your quality of life back.

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-Matthias H. Wiederholz, M.D.
Co-Founder, Performance Spine & Sports Medicine
Board Certified, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Fellowship Trained, Interventional Pain Management

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