Fire Cider: A Natural Remedy

Looking for a natural remedy made from everyday ingredients for that cold or chest congestion, try fire cider. Don’t let the name fool you, fire cider is delicious. Made from natural ingredients it is a warming and energizing drink, especially in the fall and winter months. It works extremely well to break up congestion and as an immune system booster.


1 quart Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup Horseradish root grated

1/8 cup (5-10 cloves) of Garlic finely chopped

1/2 cup (roughly ½ an onion) of Onion or 3-4 green onions finely chopped

1/2 cup of Ginger grated (roughly a 2-4 inch piece)

1 tsp Cayenne

1 sprig of fresh thyme, rosemary or oregano

1 Tbsp honey* (optional)


Finely chop all ingredients and place in a quart jar. Add Apple Cider Vinegar. Cover tightly.

Let sit for 2 or up to 12 weeks, shaking occasionally to mix. While you can use immediately, the longer it sits the greater the flavor. Strain into clean jar and serve. You can also eat the cut up “salad” once the cider is gone.

**My personal recommendation is to start in small doses, a tablespoon to shot glass size to start, until you get acquired to the taste.**

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