Food/goods drive alert at Performance Spine and Sports Medicine to support the...

During tough economic times, we start to see more and more people who need help with the essentials of daily living. People who were never in a dire situation are finding themselves having trouble paying bills or putting food on the table for their families. Most people want to help as much as possible but don’t know where to start. Until the end of the month, Performance Spine and Sports Medicine of Newtown will be holding a food/goods drive. For all of our patients, we are offering to waive your patient fees if you bring in 3-5 items, depending on the service provided. For anyone who is not a patient, feel free to stop by to drop off any items that you would like to donate. High priority food items include macaroni and cheese, creamy peanut butter, jelly in a plastic container, breakfast cereal, and canned items such as pasta, tuna, beef stew, chili, green beans, corn and canned fruit. Also of need are toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, feminine products, etc. All of the food and other goods collected go towards helping people in the Bucks County area. Come visit us at 828A Newtown Yardley Rd in Newtown if you would like to donate!

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