Help Performance Fight Cancer

On Saturday, June 11, the team at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine will be participating in the Relay for Life event at the Sawmill YMCA in Hamilton, NJ. Together with our patients and colleagues, we have raised almost $1000 for the American Cancer Society. With the event little more than a week away, we are now in the final push to get as many of you involved in this awesome event as possible!

What is Relay for Life?

The Relay for Life is an event organized by the American Cancer Society. More than just one event, there are Relays scheduled all over the country! Each event is a little bit different, but the idea is basically the same. The Relay is an all-night event that challenges participants to stay awake and keep members of their team walking. Each team raises money by pledging to stay up and keep moving. There are activities, games music and all sorts of fun things to keep the party going all night.

Don’t think you can stay up all night? No problem! That’s why it’s a relay… some people start early and finish early and some arrive and stay up late. You don’t have to be a night owl to contribute to the team!

Throughout the event there will be special ceremonies which will highlight the spirit of this great event. After the opening ceremony there is a Survivor’s Dinner which will honor those who are fighting and winning their own battles with cancer. When the sun goes down, there is a Luminaria ceremony with candles lit to remember loved ones who were lost to cancer. And finally, at midnight when everyone is starting to get tired, we have a Fight Back ceremony where we celebrate the strength it takes to fight cancer and talk about ways to prevent cancer from affecting your life in the future.

Still not convinced? Walking is a great workout! If nothing else, you can come walk with us for an hour and use your daily workout to support a good cause!

Ready to sign up? You can join our Relay for Life team by going to the following website:

Once there, click “Sign Up” at the top, then Click “Join a Team.” Type the team name “Performance Spine” and you will be on your way!

Can’t come to the event but want to support our team anyway? Follow the same steps but instead of “Join a Team” choose “Donate” and leave us a donation to help fund the fight against cancer. Donations are given directly to the American Cancer Society.

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