Hip Flexor Stretch continued

The hip flexor stretch has become a popular one to stretch in both the fitness and the sports performance realm and rightfully so. After all, we, as a society spend a lot of time sitting which lends itself to tightening of the hip flexors. Unfortunately, it is all too common to see people stretching either incorrectly or too aggressively.

Here are some key points to ensure that you are stretching the right way:

-There is a difference between stretching your quads and stretching your hip flexors. If you are indeed targeting your hip flexors focus on psoas and not rectus femoris

-Focus on one joint at a time: Many people try to stretch both at the hip and knee which incorporates both the rectus and the psoas. Unfortunately, many people can’t perform this correctly and end up compensating, which increases injury risk

-Stand up tall and contract your abdominals and glutes

-Engage your core by pushing the dowel down into the ground while at the same time keeping your elbows straight

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