Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Care

“Oh, My Aching Neck!”

Do you suffer from Neck or Shoulder pain? Look no further! Your solution to the best non-surgical approach in diagnosis & management is here!

Empower Yourself. Eliminate Your Pain!

Learn about:

• Differentiating between Neck & Shoulder pain
• Diagnostic Imaging: What test do/don’t I need
• Therapeutic Injections for the shoulder / Therapeutic Exercise
• Nutritional Strategies for pain & inflammation

Learn more!MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Gold’s Gym of Lawrenceville, NJ, is proud to host some of Performance Spine & Sports Medicine’s healthcare seminars, designed for you! Make PSSM at Gold’s Gym your FREE access to expert advice. 

Dr. Michael Dougherty, Chiropractic Physician at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine, will be presenting this informative seminar & is ready to answer your questions. Save the date:


 TIME > 6:00PM

 WHERE > GOLD’S GYM Lawrenceville

You deserve the best in health ~ ‘See you there!

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