NFL Draft 2013 News and Orthopedic Doctors Reveal the FAST for Athletes!!

NFL Pre- Draft Party at EVR Lounge in NYC with Performance Spine & Sports Medicine Doctors sponsor a party for NFL Draft Candidate, Xavier Rhodes  (click his name and hyperlink for his NFL profile).
Xavier Rhodes from Florida State, is a Corner Back and His Combine numbers are amazing…He runs a 40 yard dash in 4.43 seconds and can jump 40.5 inches vertically.

On NFL Draft Day, Xavier Rhodes was drafted in the First Round at 25th overall and sent to the vikings and full report is available at

As with any sport, Athletes can be injured any time from nagging tendon, ligament or joint injuries. Performance Spine & Sports Medicine (PSSM) introduce the FAST procedure which stands for (Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy) which is a minimally invasive procedure to repair ligaments and tendons of any joint.

The doctors at PSSM are one of the first physicians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to offer this cutting edge Procedure which takes minutes. We first use ultrasound to visualize the injury.

We then use a sophisticated probe to suction out the scar tissue (which is the black and dark gray areas in the ultrasound image and cause very TINY MICRO-TEARS in the tissues to STIMULATE REGROWTH and REGENERATION of tendon, muscles and ligaments!! This procedure can treat Shoulder Injuries like Rotator Cuff Tears, Knee injuries like patellar tendon injuries, and TENNIS or GOLFER’S ELBOW!

The procedure is done in minutes and patient requires minimal to NO stitching. It is a same day procedure and the athlete or patient can start rehabilitation the next day (of course at the discretion of the doctor). At our clinic, we are seeing over 90% success rates in terms of pain improvement and athletes can be completely healed within 2 – 4 weeks depending on the injury!

Below is a video of the procedure. We are publishing our first scientific abstract showing the effectiveness of the procedure which is coming soon!!

Video for ELBOW REPAIR!!

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