Opiate Overdose

There has been significant media buzz around opiate overdose since the death of music legend, Prince. Prince had apparently been taking Percocet for a hip problem. It is unclear where things went wrong for Prince, but this problem is all too common with opiate pain killers. With opiate pain medications comes significant risk, the most serious being respiratory depression (slowing of breathing). If opiates are dosed too high one can actually stop breathing altogether. If you already have a breathing problem, the risk is even greater. So what can one do if pain is a limiting factor in one’s life? At Performance Pain & Sports Medicine we believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to treating pain. There are many alternatives to opiate pain therapies. Injections, implantable therapies, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, hormone therapies, alternative medications and supplements, and acupuncture are all options for managing pain. If opiates are needed, we recommend consulting with one of our board-certified specialists to discuss these options.

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