Optogait’s contribution to Rehab and Performance By: Jake Caulfield, ATC

We, at Performance Spine and Sports Medicine, like utilize every possible option we have available when diagnosing, prescribing and treating our patients. We like to look at the every piece of the puzzle that is getting our patients better. One of the puzzle pieces we like to use is the OptoGait/OptoJump systems.

The OptoGait is a system we use for gait analysis and sports performance analysis. The OptoGait consists of 192 LED sensors that can be positioned on a treadmill or floor. The data is collected when there are interruptions between the two bars, and is accurate within one thousandths of a second. When placed on the treadmill we are able to gain quantitative data that correlates to all phases of gait. The system collects real time data that can be analyzed by your provider immediately after performing the test. When looking at the gait analysis we look at a few major components of the gait pattern, step length and the load response (force exerted into the ground when propelling yourself to your next step). With the data that we collect, we look for any asymmetries between your right and left leg. With the use of this data, along with a video recording of your gait pattern, the rehab team is able to determine faults in your gait, if you have any. They will also be able to piece together whether a fault in your gait is the cause or result of any pain that your may be experiencing, or could experience in the future. With this data, the rehab team is able to create a personalized corrective exercise program that will help correct any faults in your gait and posture and get rid of your pain. We retest your gait after a set number of rehab visits to show data on any improvements that have been made.

For our sports performance analysis we look at important factors that directly correlate to competitive athletics. We are able to test like jumping, leg strength compared left to right, reaction time and quickness. A baseline test for sports performance is the first thing we will do, then after analyzing the data we will be able to create a program that is personally fit for the athlete to strengthen and weaknesses present. With the use of cameras and computer technology, we are able to show an athlete exactly what they are doing and what we want of them during any exercise that they may be performing. After a set amount of sports performance sessions, we will retest you on the OptoGait to show any improvements.

Although the OptoGait is just one factor that goes into your rehab, it is a very valuable piece to the puzzle that is getting you better.



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