Orthopedic Doc in Lawrenceville Discusses Surgery Prevention For Knee Arthritis (3 of 3)

Now that you’ve got the exercise program down, it’s time to make sure you are eating your best! Maximize your health by eating foods that are good for you, paired with supplements that keep you feeling your finest.

Two MAJOR super foods that help with arthritis:

*Fish. Why? Fish has tons of omega-3 nutrients which are natural anti-inflammatories AND help keep your hearth healthy. The natural compounds in fish are proven to not only fight inflammation but as a result of that, also relieve pain.

*Yogurt! Yogurt not only has anti-inflammatory ingredients but get this-it also boosts your immune system and helps fight off that pesky cold that comes around once a year. Yogurt is a great food to have as breakfast, a mid-day snack or with lunch. Check out www.thefoodnetwork.com for some great ideas on how to prepare healthy meals or snacks with yogurt.

Last by not least, don’t forget Prime Joint Support from Nutrametrix. It’s an easy to swallow formula and the effects of it are well worth the reasonable price tag. Joint Support when taken as directed, helps increase the cushion in arthritic joints so you can keep up with the kids or grandkids!

Check out the complete line of Nutrametrix products at our home page Joint Support 

Prime Joint is in Nutrametrix exclusive Isotonic Formulation: What does this mean? Superior Absorption Over all the supplement formulations. I gave this analogy at my recent talk. Everyone takes it for granted but the average person needs swallows about 1-2Liters of their own saliva a day! The theory is your body does not digest your own saliva or body fluids….you simply absorb it directly in you gut and completely bypassing the body’s need to get processed and digested by the stomach’s acid. Well imagine taking a supplement in liquid form that has the same concentration (aka “tonicity) as saliva…such a supplement will get absorbed directly and bypass the stomach’s digestive process as well!!! So while most capsules and tablets that you swallow NEEDS to get digested and processed by the stomach, the supplements that you may be taken are quickly destroyed by the STOMACH ACID!!!! If you’re lucky, you can get 50% of the ingredients or the supplement that you take!

Prime Joint Support has Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and Pycnogenol in isotonic formulation!!! Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid are the raw ingredients for all the cartilage (the soft cushions in all your joints to prevent bone from rubbing against each other) in your body and studies have shown to improve arthritic symptoms!! Pycnogenol is an extract of Pine Bark which acts like a natural anti-inflammatory….some of the most powerful of it’s kind!!! In fact, it acts like your regular over the counter ibuprofen or naprosyn without the dangerous side effects!!!

On our next Blog, we will present a series of supplement that will change your life and your joints!!!

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