Performance 3D shows Bruce Jenner how to improve his golf swing and PREVENT INJURY

Golfers and other athletes can use Performance 3D can help prevent elbow injury, back pain and MORE

Performance 3D uses video game – like sensors on the body to study any sports motion (LIKE A GOLF SWING) and TELLS YOU EXACTLY HOW TO IMPROVE your GOLF SWING, PREVENT INJURY to your joints or tendons and help FIX the problem if there is a sports injury

It is as simple as AAA: Assess, Analyze, Apply!

Bruce Jenner was our special guest and demonstrator on January 2012, NYC!

First: APPLY – Simply put or “APPLY” the sensors on the body

Here is a photo of Frank Colabella applies the sensors, some on the chest, back and head

Next: ANALYZE – Bruce Jenner or any golfer simply swings a golf club and Performance 3D ANALYZES his swing!

It Turns out, Bruce Jenner’s swing ranks better than the AVERAGE PGA GOLFER: in terms of club speed!!

But, Mr. Jenner relies too much on upper body strength to generate his swing and not enough HIP ROTATION! This alone will put him at risk for BACK PAIN and Golfer’s ELBOW and MORE!

FinallyAPPLY – Performance 3D gives you the exercise program to improve your golf swing and prevent injury

One essential exercise for Bruce to perform is LOW PULLEY HIP ABDUCTOR EXERCISE for 1 set of 15 reps

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