Preparing for Holiday Races

During the winter, there are multiple 5k races around the holidays. This is a fun event for family members to do together to create traditions and memories around the holidays. If you are concerned about signing up for a race there are a few things to remember and consider for a fun and successful race!

1) Make sure you have proper clothing and footwear. In cold weather, you need protective clothing to stay warm as well as proper shoes for walking or running. Technology and quality has improved recently so be sure to make sure you are up to date in proper footwear and clothing for the cold weather.

2) Follow a race training plan. If you have not run in a while, it will be tough to try and a race without proper training. Be sure to follow a race plan so that you are in good shape for the big day. Try starting with walking and working your way up to running a 5k. Trying to fit in a lot of training in a short amount of time can be detrimental so start you preparation sooner rather than later.

3) Down load a GPS/running app on your phone. This is a great way to track your progress and keep you motivated during your training. There are many free apps for your phone or GPS watches to purchase to get a more accurate reading of your heart rate, speed and distance.

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