Proper Workstation Posture

It is not surprising that many people with desk jobs suffer from neck, shoulder, mid and low back pain. Oftentimes quick postural and workstation adjustments can make a huge difference. It is first important to have an understanding of neutral posture. Neutral is a comfortable working posture in which joints are aligned and there is minimal stress/strain on the musculoskeletal system. Here are some helpful workplace considerations:

-Hands, wrists and forearms should be in one line and near parallel to the floor

-Head should be in line with the torso, facing forward and roughly 18” from the computer

-Shoulders relaxed, elbows near the side of the body with about a 90-120* bend

-Feet fully supported on the floor with an approximate 90* angle at both the hips and the knees

-Back is fully supported with appropriate lumbar support

No matter how good your workstation posture is, prolonged sitting is not recommended. Take frequent standing/walking breaks every 15-20mins and stretch your neck, torso and hands.

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