PSSM August Fitness Challenge

Make August AWESOME with PSSM!

We’re holding our first Staff FITNESS CHALLENGE for the month of August! We are encouraging staff to take their workout to the next level with exercises that will challenge the mind & body. Check out our calendar above! Do you think YOU think you have what it takes? Tell us! – Log onto our Facebook page:

Team PSSM Needs YOU: We believe in teamwork – Help your ‘favorite’ PSSM contestant earn PSSM ‘star points’ for the big Win! You can help by simply “liking” any post they make onto our Facebook page about this Challenge. Contestants earn ‘stars’ for every online engagement they make AND every daily exercise they complete! Be a *STAR* & “root, root, root” for Team PSSM. Join the FUN!! We appreciate you!

We’s like to extend this contest to our Patients & Friends for our next challenge….with a grand prize! Will you commit to get fit? Everyone can benefit from daily exercise for a healthy body & mind. Stay tuned for our contest.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates & motivation to keep you inspired.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer in good health.

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