Reshape your body the healthy way: A primer on nutrition and exercise

It’s summer and that means the mad rush is on to slim down right in time for swimsuit season. While there are many “diets” out there to choose from, don’t you think it’s time to make some long lasting progress? Here are a few tips to get you in the right direction:

Make small incremental changes over time for the best results. You have to be realistic about weight loss. It doesn’t occur in week or monthly time increments just because bikini season is here. Healthy habits take 2-3 weeks to form but first you must define where your weakness occurs. Concentrate on this one habit at a time and make it realistic in the “real world.” Whether it’s poor food choices, portion sizes, or eating too little, you have to assess and correct the sticking points before moving on.

Implement a plan that is reasonable and can work with everyday life. Deciding to eliminate food groups or go on a special diet doesn’t work for most people. In most life situations, this just won’t work. Think of family dinners, birthday parties, or special occasions. These overly restrictive diets leave little space for wiggle room.

Stay away from extreme dieting and focus on normalizing eating patterns. Large calorie deficits can lean to hormonal dysregulation if done for long periods of time. Fasts, cleanses, and calorie manipulation do work in the short term but, again, offer little long term effects other than potentially detrimental ones. Focus on a nutritious approach and healthy meal selections when planning your approach.

Don’t count calories excessively. They are important but don’t tell the whole story. Our body is a complex system that requires hormones and enzymes to break down the food we eat. The type of food we eat rather than the amount can influence our energy expenditure and fat loss. Fat loss and hunger control are influenced by neuro-peptides that arise from the brain as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Hormones are also released, sometimes in coordination with or because of these neuropeptides. The signaling your body receives from food, from circulating hormones, and from these neuropeptides can lead to feedback loops that can be negative to long term health if the signaling if flawed.

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