Review of Organics

Production of organic foods has become big business and farmers who wish to sell their produce as such are required to meet standards enforced by the USDA. Due to this fact, you can expect to pay up to 40% more for organics than their non-organic counterparts.

People choose to eat organic foods for a variety of reasons including improved nutrition, decreased exposure to harmful chemicals, a desire to support sustainable farming practices and as an attempt to lead a healthier, safer lifestyle.

Are organic foods truly healthier or safer? I found the results of an article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine which was a review of the research from about 200 studies on organic foods. After compiling all of the data, the following conclusions were finalized:

To sum up, eating organic foods may limit or reduce your exposure to harmful bacteria and pesticide but it will not help you get more nutrition in your diet. If the added cost is worth it is up to the individual.

Gary Fuschini, PTA

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