Safe Running tips

Now that the weather is warmer it is common for people to start transitioning from the gym to running outside again. Here are some tips to promote safety when running this spring and summer!

According to Runner’s World,
1) If you can avoid running with headphones in. If you do, make sure you keep your music volume at a low enough level where you can hear on coming traffic or other pedestrians /runners approaching you. Try wearing only one ear bud in so you can still hear adequately.

2) Make sure you always run against traffic so you can see any on coming cars or vehicles to avoid being hit on roads. Always move out of the way if you feel a car is driving to close to you. Try to avoid narrow roads and areas with high traffic where cars speed or there is lots of congestion. Whenever possible stay off of the road and run on the sidewalk, the shoulder or trails especially in busy or hilly areas. Follow the traffic laws in the area especially in intersections.

3) Make sure that you alert people when you are going on a run and where so that your friends and family are aware of your whereabouts and for how long. Carry a cell phone and identification with you incase anything happens to you on a run.

4) Wear appropriate clothes for the weather and time of day. Use sun glasses, a hat and sunglasses if the sun is bright. This improves your ability to see and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Stay hydrated before, during and after a run. Wear clothes that are cooling on hot days and wear bright clothes that make you visible to cars especially if running in the evening or night. Runner’s World also suggests that runners wear reflective clothing as a great way to stay visible when the sun is setting. A head lamp is great for your own visibility and other drivers after dark.

5) If you haven’t run in a long time during the winter ease yourself into training. Increase your mileage slowly and steadily to avoid injury if you are not in the shape that you are accustomed to or if you are new to running.

For other great tips or suggestions for safe running you can check out this article

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