Sciatica Treatment with Lysis of Adhesions

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine offers an innovative treatment for sciatica called “lysis of epidural adhesions”. The name implies that there is scar tissue in the epidural space and it is approved for the treatment of scar tissue. However, it can also be used in patients that have not had back surgery. Indications include failed back surgery syndrome, sciatica, low back pain, pinched nerve, herniated disc.

Lysis of Epidural Adhesions involves placement of a specialized catheter into the epidural space. We then inject contrast dye to visualize the defect that is causing the sciatica or low back pain. Often this is due to scar tissue or a herniated disc. Medications are then injected to soften these structures which allows specialized exercises to be performed in order to free the nerve root. This often gives tremendous relief of the leg pain and normalized function.

See the images below. The first image shows contrast dye throughout the spine but a lack of flow on the left side. This patient had sciatica involving the left leg. Note that the second image shows an opening of this space with flow down the nerve root. This patient had significant relief of left leg pain and restoration of function.

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