Slipping on ice

Slipping on ice is a common winter injury that can result in hip or wrist fractures typically. In order to prevent a trip to the emergency room, safety precautions are necessary during snowy and icy weather. Always make sure that your sidewalks or driveways are salted. Be cautious of black ice as it often is hard to detect. According to the IWIF, if you are walking in bad conditions, you should wear shoes with good traction and non-slip soles like winter boots. If possible stay close to a stable surface to use as support if necessary. For example, if you are getting in and out of a car, use the car for support (just not the door as it can move on you). Keep a wide base of support with your legs spread out and toes pointed out when walking. Try and keep your knees and hips slightly bent and walk flat footed to also improve your balance and stability.  Take small steps and take your time!

Source for article: with good picture as reference

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