Talking Points: Helping Children Cope Following School Violence

In light of the events that took place in Newtown, Conneticut we have done some research to help parents and teachers or any adult for that matter communicate to children on how to handle school violence.

The University of Dentistry and Medicine of New Jersey set up a great landing page to address some of the questions that we may have and also provided guidelines and recommendations.

Below is a brief summary of the topics that are discussed.

(For the complete details please click on the following hyperlink )

  1. Monitor the amount of TV watching
  2. Ask your children what they have heard or what other kids are saying.
  3. Find out what concerns your child has and take them seriously
  4. Keep the routine
  5. Spend time together as a family
  6. Allow some time for extra comforting
  7. Process your own feelings
  8. Monitor your child’s behavior and seek assistance if necessary

You may have tackle some tough questions

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. How could a child get so out of control and kill someone?
  3. Could this happen to me or to people that I care about?

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