The Five W’s of Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy which is also know as physiotherapy, is a health profession in which trained individuals use their knowledge to assess injuries and then provide varies services to help restore, develop, and maintain functional movement in patients that have lost it one way or another. Physical Therapy which is commonly abbreviated PT, is administered by at licensed physical therapist whom may have their master’s (title being PT) or doctorate (title being DPT) or a physical therapy assistant, who acts under the supervision of the physical therapist.

Why would I go to Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is meant to treat pain, rehabilitate injuries, develop the proper muscles where muscle imbalances may be present, and to teach injury prevention in the future. Physical Therapy helps restore and maximize a patient’s daily activities leading to an overall better quality of life, that may have once been reduce greatly do to pain.

Who goes to Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can be tailored to people of all ages with any kind of condition. There are specific methods and treatment styles that range from pediatrics to geriatrics. Here at Performance Spine and Sports Medicine we’ve had patients under the age of 15 and over the age of 90, illustrating the wide range of knowledge and diversity our rehab department embodies.

Where can I go to get Physical Therapy?

Performance Spine and Sports Medicine! Performance Spine and Sports Medicine is an integrated non-surgical orthopaedic institution that aims to get patients better faster, and stay stronger longer. The physical therapy department at Performance Spine and Sports Medicine is made up of a team of three DPT’s, two PTA’s and a number of physical therapy aides, offering many eyes and ears to help out anyway possible.

When can I get an appointment for Physical Therapy?

Performance Spine and Sports Medicine’s rehab department takes appointments every 15 minutes from 7am-7pm, Monday through Thursday and 7am-5pm on Fridays.

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