What kind of stretching is most beneficial?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to stretching. For years, static stretching, holding a stretch in one position for 30 secs or longer, was thought to be the ideal way to stretch. New research has shed some light on some possible drawbacks of static stretching as well as a relatively newer concept of active isolated stretching. Here are some of the basic principles:

Static stretching v. Active Isolated Stretch

Static Stretching

Hold stretch for 60secs

Decreased blood flow= ischemia and lactic acid buildup

Can cause irritation similar to trauma & overuse

Active Isolated Stretch

-Stretches targeted muscle to optimally lengthen without triggering stretch reflex & contraction of opposing muscle groups

-Works via reciprocal inhibition

-Activate the opposing muscle group to allow the muscle you want to stretch to be in a

relaxed state

-Use rope to assist

-Only hold the stretch for 2 secs

Try both out and see what you think!!!

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