Why Do I Keep Getting Headaches?

Regular, persistent headaches can cause you stress, damage your personal and professional performance, and interrupt your plans. If you’ve had regular headaches for weeks, months, or even years, you might wonder why you can’t seem to shake them.

At Performance Pain & Sports Medicine, also known as PSSM, our team can help you understand the causes of your persistent headache pain. We provide interventional pain management treatment for new and existing patients from our three office locations — Lawrenceville and Raritan, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas.

Our team works with you to put together a treatment plan to relieve your headaches for good, and help you reclaim your full quality of life.

What’s causing your persistent headaches?

Your provider at PSSM can diagnose the underlying causes that keep your headaches coming back. We use diagnostic exams and state-of-the-art imaging and tests to pin down the root cause of your persistent headache problem.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating neck-related conditions, which can cause headaches, among other symptoms. We typically start with a comprehensive physical exam, including MRI and ultrasound tests.

You might need chiropractic care, injection therapies, or other treatments to resolve an underlying issue with the vertebrae, nerves, and muscles of your neck.

Could it be TMJ?

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues are a common source of persistent headaches. Problems with this joint, located in your jaw area, and the surrounding nerves can cause pain and dysfunction if left untreated.

The TMJ experts at PSSM can evaluate your headaches and other symptoms, and determine if your TMJ problems are due to an underlying spinal issue, or if your posture could be to blame. TMJ pain can also result from strain in the muscles of your neck, jaw, and shoulders.

You might need treatments and therapies to address TMJ pain including postural reeducation, core strengthening with physical therapy, and ergonomic assessments of your work and personal activities. In the case of an unstable joint, you might benefit from regenerative medicine treatment with ultrasound-guided stem cell or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Interventional pain management and real solutions

No matter the cause of your headache pain, the team at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine can assist you in finding lasting symptoms relief.

Chiropractic care can effectively address neck, back, and TMJ pain, releasing you from your chronic headaches for good. In particular, manipulation of your myofascial trigger points can make a big difference in terms of pain relief for TMJ issues.

For headaches related to TMJ problems, as well as for migraine headaches, injections with cortisone or even Botox® may be an effective treatment. Injections can disrupt the electrical signals that register pain in your brain, releasing you from chronic headache symptoms.

To get started on finding relief from your persistent headaches, contact our interventional pain management specialists at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine today. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office most convenient to you or requesting an appointment online.

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