Cheryl Lynch
Cheryl Lynch, L.M.T. received her massage therapy certification in 1996, and for the past fifteen years, has practiced in a medical setting. Cheryl continues to advance her professional knowledge through studies in advanced neuromuscular techniques, prenatal massage, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and cranial sacral conditions such as TMJ. Cheryl is an expert at detecting and treating soft tissue dysfunction and is an integral part of the Performance Spine And Sports Medicine team.

Adam Jellison, LMT

Adam’s passion to help people in need led to him to pursue training in a specialized form of pain treatment.
He began his career in 2005 after studying intensively in modalities such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and Kinesio Taping. He worked together with experts in the field of musculoskeletal medicine to develop techniques that not only ease pain and discomfort, but actually keep it away. The result was a proven skill-set to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions; migraines, whiplash, plantarfaciitis, TMJD, sciatica, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder just to name a few.

Adam’s medical philosophy is that where it hurts and where it is coming from is usually not the same thing. This involves working very specifically on intricate muscle groups as well as establishing what can be done at home to prevent the problem from getting any worse or returning.

Adam believes by listening to and working together with his clients, just about any pain can be treated, controlled, and ideally eliminated.

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