Hurt on the Job? Take These Steps Immediately

Hurt on the Job? Take These Steps Immediately

Workers’ compensation is a social insurance program that’s designed to protect and support your interests if you get injured while at work. Injuries put you through physical and emotional strain, and may limit your earning ability as you recover, or even for the long term.

Some jobs carry higher risks of injury than others, but no matter what you do for a living, if you get hurt on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ comp. Workers’ compensation eases the strain of an injury for you and your family.

It’s important to take the right steps to secure your workers’ comp support. Luckily for you, interventional pain management specialists Dr. Matthias WiederholzDr. Suzanne Manzi, and our team at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas, have years of expertise with workers’ comp documentation.

If you’re hurt on the job, do you know what your next steps should be? Here’s what you need to do right away if you get hurt at work.

Document your injury

As soon as you’ve done everything that’s immediately necessary to protect your health, including first aid or a trip to the doctor, you need to report your job injury right away.

You should first report the accident to your supervisor. Your employer then contacts workers’ compensation and gets your claim into the system. You need to document an on-the-job injury within 30 days to claim full workers’ compensation benefits.

Seek medical care

First aid or emergency care won’t be enough to help you heal completely and correctly from anything more serious than a mild workplace injury. Contact the team at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine for expert surgical and non-surgical care. We can support you through both acute and chronic health care needs.

Our team of doctors and clinical staff work together in our locations to fully address your medical situation.

Your employer and the workers’ compensation system are legally required to cover your medical care expenses. Filing a Choice of Physician form with your employer or claims adjuster helps ensure that you’re getting the benefits to which you’re legally entitled. 

Our staff at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine works directly with your case manager or adjuster to smooth out the process.

Keep good records

It’s a good idea to keep your own copy of records relating to your injury and medical treatment. This includes a copy of your employer’s accident report, as well as records of your medical treatment at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine. If your claim is denied, witnesses to the accident and written accounts can help with the legal process.

For the support you need to understand the workers’ compensation system and get access to the full benefits you need, get in touch with our team immediately after experiencing a workplace injury or accident. You can schedule an appointment at our location most convenient to you by calling or booking online now.

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