Treatment Options for Morton's Neuroma

Treatment Options for Morton's Neuroma

Everyone’s feet ache after a long day at work or on the field, and foot injuries like mild sprains or strains are common risks faced by athletes in many sports. However, foot and ankle pain that lasts without improvement may indicate an underlying condition like Morton’s neuroma that needs treatment.

At Performance Pain & Sports Medicine, our team of interventional pain management experts also specializes in sports medicine. That means we’re excellently positioned to help athletes with foot pain treatment.

Under the leadership of founder Dr. Matthias Wiederholz and partner Dr. Suzanne Manzi, we treat new and existing patients from our locations in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas. Here’s what you need to know about how we can help you resolve Morton’s neuroma and related foot pain problems.

Defining Morton’s neuroma

A neuroma is a thickening of tissue. Morton’s neuroma affects the area around the ball of your foot, with symptoms often felt between your third and fourth toes. You may develop this problem due to high-impact athletics or wearing high heels or tight shoes. Bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, and high arches tend to co-occur with Morton’s neuroma.

Due to pressure on the nerves attached to your toes, Morton’s neuroma may result in uncomfortable symptoms such as:

These symptoms can really cramp your style, so you don’t want to leave this problem unaddressed. Fortunately, there are treatment options to relieve your discomfort and restore your feet.

Treatments for your foot pain

You have several paths to explore when it comes to treating Morton’s neuroma.

Your provider at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine works with you on your custom treatment plan. We use physical examination, your medical history, and diagnostic imaging tests including X-rays to learn more about your condition and the best combination of therapies and approaches for your case.

If possible, we recommend conservative treatment strategies. These may include:

Once we exhaust conservative options, or if your condition is too serious for these types of interventions, it may be time to look to more intensive treatments. Morton’s neuroma can be addressed with:

In severe cases, you may need surgery to relieve pressure on your nerve, or even surgical removal of the affected nerve. We exhaust all nonsurgical treatment measures before discussing surgical treatment with you.

For expert support in treating your Morton’s neuroma and other foot pain problems, reach out to our team at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine. Schedule your initial consultation by contacting us online, or call our location most convenient to you today.

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