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At PSSM, We Challenge You To Excel

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping athletes reach their ultimate performance!

No matter the sport or competitive level, being well prepared and having an athletic edge is the key to success. We can maximize an athletes speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, overall conditioning as well as decrease the probability for injury!!

In addition to sports specific training, we are one of the only health clinics on the East coast to offer cutting-edge OptoGait and running analysis. These diagnostic technologies have revolutionized sports performance by providing individualized biomechanical data to quantitatively assess an athlete’s movement and form. Our motto is simple: stop guessing and start assessing!

When choosing Performance Spine & Sports Medicine, you are choosing an organization with the experience, knowledge, and skills to help athletes perform better. Our staff has worked with some of the best athletes and conditioning coaches in the world.

No matter your sports level- professional, college, high school, middle school or elementary school- you can benefit from speed and conditioning training. With input from your coaches, parents and team we can individualize a program that will maximize your results and make you a complete athlete. Call Performance Spine & Sports Medicine today to learn about the wide range of services we offer athletes, coaches, teams, and parents.



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