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You are the CEO of your life.

At PPSM, we recognize that today’s professionals & executives lead stressful careers that directly affects your health. High demands & stress-induced schedules both at work & at home can take a toll on your mind & body. Success in business & home life begins with good health. Empower yourself & your company by prioritizing your health. PPSM’s Executive Health program will help you get healthy, stay healthy & be productive.

PPSM Executive Health is a health management program promotes a proactive approach to health for the busy professional. It is designed to help you take control of your health & wellness with preventative action by providing early detection for potential illness or disease.

Our board certified Medical Doctors will help you obtain a snapshot of your current health and provide you with a personalized roadmap on how to achieve & maintain optimum health. Our team of doctors deliver a level of personalized care that is unsurpassed among local health care services. At PPSM, we balance patient-centered care & cutting edge technology – under one roof.

The Executive Health experience at PPSM includes a thorough scientific evidence-based medical assessment using non-invasive state-of-the-art diagnostic testing on-site. Our patients receive a complete wellness plan tailored to your health & will receive a copy of their comprehensive wellness report, key findings, actionable recommendations & more. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease & diabetes can be detected at the earliest stage, as well as any food & chemical intolerances, plus more.

Reach your long-term health goals- better, faster, stronger than ever! PPSM’s Executive Health program will help you add years to your life…& life to your years!

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