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Strength, energy and good health can be experienced throughout all stages of one’s life, from youth to golden years. At PPSM, our Wellness platform offers a wide variety of medical-based testing and lifestyle wellness programs that can turn back the clocks and add years to your life!

At PPSM, we provide patients with holistic solutions to health concerns by integrating state of the art medical-based tests and treatments proven to be effective to help attain and maintain maximum health. We specialize in finding personalized wellness solutions to address the needs of the whole person, building complementary therapies to promote optimal health, prevent chronic diseases and restore youthful vitality.

Our Wellness platform is ever-growing.

Our patients receive a wide range of integrative tests and procedures designed to help them reach an optimal level of health by identifying and treating a variety of symptoms and conditions. Our wellness tests are performed on-site at PPSM and are noninvasive, inexpensive and all provide comprehensive results.

PPSM is the only medical orthopedic practice in all of Bucks and Mercer Counties to offer the following tests: Vascular Health Test (VHT)Lipoprotein Test (LPT)Micronutrient Test (MNT) and Food Sensitivity Test (FST). All tests, all services, under one roof.

Our Wellness platform is designed to help patient’s add quality and years to their lives. Our medical doctors will determine the best preventative, noninvasive solutions to redirect, redesign and revitalize your wellness. Improve your health. Improve your life. Wellness solutions offered at PPSM are:

  • Vascular Health Test can assess a patient’s heart health to determine the risk for heart disease or stroke. VHT detects symptoms years in advance so that at-risk patient’s can make healthy lifestyle modifications to prevent further damage. No blood work – this test is administered via finger probe.
  • Lipoprotein Test (LPT) Lipoprotein Test (LPT) test can measure the levels of lipoproteins in your bloodstream. Lipoproteins are molecules made of proteins and fat. They carry cholesterol and similar substances through the blood. High levels of lipoproteins can increase the risk of heart disease. LPT test can determine your risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Micronutrient Test (MNT) Micronutrient Test measures vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in a patient’s blood, then determine how these elements function at a cellular level. MNT enables PPSM to make supplement recommendations which can alleviate nutrient deficiencies that can suppress the immune system and contribute to degenerative health conditions.
  • Food Sensitivity Test (FST) Food Sensitivity Test determines a patient’s sensitivity to a variety of foods that they may not know are harmful to them. Simple blood work measures the body’s cellular response to a variety of foods, additives, colorings and chemicals. Patient’s receive results in a color-coded format, siting intolerances that should be avoided.
  • Anti-aging medicine is devoted to helping people like you slow down the ever-advancing deterioration caused by age. PPSM can help patients feel younger and gain more energy with anti-aging medicines and supplements.
  • Hormone Replacement As we age, our bodies suffer changes which we notice in our hair, skin, weight, bones and joints, and that can even lead to chronic diseases. These changes are symptoms of hormone fluctuations. Hormone Replacement can bring back the vitality of youth by supplementing lost hormone levels.
  • Weight LossPPSM offers unique and effective weight loss programs. If you are interested in losing weight, but diet and exercise alone have not been effective, PPSM can help you shed unwanted pounds and reclaim the vitality of youth.


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