Food Sensitivity Test (FST)


Food for Thought: Many people suffer from hidden food sensitivities without knowing it.

Studies show that up to “60% of the population could be affected by hidden food sensitivities”.

These food sensitivities can cause a number of problems, including bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, fatigue and numerous other issues. Not to be mistaken by food allergies, food intolerances reveal themselves over time. While they food intolerances are not life threatening, they do threaten your lifestyle.

Food Sensitivity Test (FST) determines a patient’s sensitivity to a variety of foods that they may not know are harmful to them. There are different levels of intolerance, which can be altered through change of eating habits, stress levels, medical conditions, nutritional status and other factors that affect the body’s immune system.

Simple blood work measures the body’s cellular response to a variety of foods, additives, colorings and chemicals. Patient’s receive results in a thorough, color-coded chart, siting intolerances that should be avoided. View sample FST test

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