Lipoprotein Test (LPT)


Are you at risk for a heart attack? Our MD’s can answer this question.

Cholesterol values alone cannot predict whether or not a heart attack is in your future.

There are more causes to heart disease than high cholesterol. Lipoprotein testing is one useful solution that more confidently uncovers causes for heart disease.

Lipoprotein Test (LPT) Lipoproteins are molecules made of proteins and fat. They carry cholesterol and similar substances through the blood. High levels of lipoproteins can increase the risk of heart disease. The test is done to check your risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack.

A blood test can be done to measure a specific type of lipoprotein called lipoprotein-a, or Lp(a). A high level of Lp(a) is considered a risk factor for heart disease. The example in the following link shows the common measurements of results for this test. Higher than normal values of Lp(a) are associated with a high risk for heart disease. View sample LPT test

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